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Texting 999

Can I Text 999? And if I did, what would happen?

When you are in a remote location, you can text 999, you do need to register first though.

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A couple of examples when you might find texting 999 helpful.

  1. When you are mountaineering and your signal is very weak.

  2. If you are deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired.

What to do and what to expect

Register your mobile first

Text the word 'Register' to 999. You'll need to register again if you change your phone number.

Text REGISTER to 999

Read the message

You’ll get an automatic text reply.

Please read the entire reply.

When you text REGISTER to 999 you'll get an automated response. Reply YES to confirm registration.

Reply to the message

Read the message.

Reply by texting ‘Yes’.

Get a 'success' text

You'll then get a text telling you that your mobile is now registered - or if there's been a problem…

When texting 999, what information should I include?

Create an SMS message containing the details below:

Explanation for texting 999

Include the service you require:

Need Ambulance, Fire, Police or Coastguard

Include a brief description of what has happened:

Casualty isn't breathing following fall

Include your location:

My What Three Words location is:

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When providing your location use a location service like What3Words or OSLocate.

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