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Our Free Nature Hunt PDF

Nature hunts are an exciting way to get children exploring the natural world. They are also a great way to add fun to family walks.

free nature hunt for young children

If you have a child who needs something to keep them busy outside, look no further. Our nature hunt is great for young children, spending time outdoors is so valuable and having a project to focus on can keep them engaged for longer.

Our printer friendly Nature Hunt is awesome for pulling out at the start of any walk or half-way round to add some extra excitement, all we ask is that there is a treat at the end when most things have been found.

Download our free & printer friendly Nature Hunt below 💙

Cheshire First Aid Nature Hunt (Printer Friendly)
Download PDF • 882KB

Long term studies show kids who spend time in nature become happier, more well-adjusted adults who experience more stable mental health. These nature and outdoor scavenger hunt ideas offer something fun for little ones and big kids alike.

Planning an amazing Nature Hunt

You can easily make your own list of nature finds to hunt for. Make sure they are items you’ve seen in your yard or local park like a pinecone, a feather, something a deer could eat, etc. Then you can talk about how each item relates to animals, plants, or our environment.

For little ones –

  • keep items simple and extremely safe

  • limit the list items or ask them to find as many as they can

  • don't worry if haven't found everything

  • treat it like a treasure hunt to keep them engaged

For bigger kids –

  • make them find everything

  • make it a competition or set a timer if that motivates them

  • be even more specific about what they have to find

If you haven't got a printer, we'll send you a couple of copies in the post, completely free (UK only).

To get your free copies, email us:

And don't forget to include your postal address and who you'd like us to send them to 👍

Have fun and don't forget to tag us on social media (@cheshirefirstaid)...

Cheshire First Aid Nature Hunt (Printer Friendly)
Download PDF • 882KB


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