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SO Coach Emergency Paediatric Course
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Emergency Paediatric First Aid (Carers)

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Join us on this one-day Emergency Paediatric First Aid course.

Learners will develop the skills and knowledge needed to deal with a range of first aid situations.

This course is designed to supplement paediatric first aid provision and will not meet the Ofsted Early Years and Childcare Registration requirements.


These requirements specify that at least one person who has a current full paediatric first aid certificate must be on the premises and available at all times when children are present, and must accompany children on outings.


Qualification achieved:


Qualsafe Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF)

Certificate is quality assured by Qualsafe Awards and is valid for 3 years.

Who is this course for:

This course is for people working with and caring for babies and young children. Perfect for anyone working in a childcare setting that isn't required to meet OFSTED's criteria and EYFS Guidelines.

Childminders, and any assistant who might be in sole charge of the children for any period of time, must hold a current full paediatric first aid certificate. If you require a full paediatric first aid certificate, please take the Paediatric First Aid - Two-Day Course.

Course contents...

  • staying safe

  • DR ABC

  • know how to give CPR

  • understanding defibrillators

  • managing an unresponsive infant or child

  • first aid for choking

  • know what to do during seizures

  • external bleeding and how to treat

Delivery is to a maximum of 12 people and minimum age is 14 years old.

Improved confidence is guaranteed. Practice CPR with the latest adult, baby and child Resus Anne's, have a go at applying a defib with our training units and utilise our choking vests so you know how to deal with choking. We have all the latest equipment to practice with so that you can be there when it matters and be confident.

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