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Happy Baby

Baby First Aid Course

Baby First Aid

three-hour session

Open Course

Only £30 per person

Join our experienced Paediatric Nurse, Amy, who'll be your instructor.

Three wonderful hours of essential learning to provide lifesaving knowledge and skills you need to be confident in a baby first aid emergency.

Cheshire First Aid - Baby First Aid

This course is perfect for anyone who cares for a baby, whether you are a parent, grandparent, babysitter or carer. Amy adores babies, they are always welcome to join you.

What's included:

  • a brilliant Paediatric First Aid booklet to take home

  • top tips with weaning and medication

  • the chance to ask the expert any questions

  • an opportunity to practice on the latest baby, child & adult Resuscitation Anne's

  • lovely jubbly refreshments throughout the session


Course contents:


  • Giving baby CPR

  • Giving child CPR
  • What to do if a baby or child is choking

  • Baby and child Recovery Positions

  • Treatment of an unresponsive baby

  • Shock and recognising it in a baby

  • Baby head injuries

  • Fever and how to recognise life threatening signs

  • Febrile seizures in baby's and children

  • What to do when a baby or child is bleeding 

  • Baby and child burns

  • Broken baby and child bones

  • Recognising baby allergies and anaphylaxis

  • Meningitis​, what to and what to look out for in a baby and child

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